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Our training course covers financial markets, and give in depth knowledge into forex and Stocks trading.
Our experienced traders will teach you about the different tools and strategies you can use to better understand how the market and prices work, and also develop a trading plan.

Uncover five different trading strategies that you can use when trading

Identify and execute winning trades 

Learn how to effectively read trading charts

Receive  one-to-one advisory mentoring sessions from a pro trader

Immerse yourself into the world of trading for three days

Experience our Pro traders leading the course

Experience the forex market as it happens

This forex trading course has been specifically designed to support people looking to learn the essentials in trading, understand potential opportunities and analyse risk within the market.
Our Forex Trading Course teaches all of the above, plus how to:

Identify new Forex opportunities using our Forex trading strategies

Minimise your trading risks

Set up high quality daily trades to fit your schedule

Establish a Forex trading plan that suits your personality and lifestyle


What you will learn

The course will introduce you to key features and how to use our trading software. Developed and designed to support people to analyse the market and plan your trading strategy, its intelligent algorithms run across the market, reading price movements in real time.



Price Action
Exchange Rates
Emotional Mastery
Advanced Price Action
Trading Strategies
Placing a Trade
Creating your Plan 



Understanding & Using our platform
180 Phase Change
Forex T-Wave
Trend Tracker
Volatility Reversal
Pip Runner
Forex and the News
Risk Management
Trading Plan

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